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The KELLER is based on four basic principles

Hard Sex - Hard sex games are promoted, which does not mean irresponsibility

Sexual Fetish - We like guys with a sexy look

Action - Action is the most important. The Club is not a place for the curious

Respect - This last principle is very important

It allows you to practice hardcore games without exceeding acceptable limits and to maintain a good atmosphere - It should apply in all areas.


Whether you are an expert or a beginner - young or older - beautiful or less beautiful - thin or big

it doesn’t matter to us

The most important is that you are motivated by the activities performed at the Club and that you share its values

Le KELLER is a place to have fun and pleasure in a friendly and hot atmosphere

You are not here to take part in a competition


Guys who look like guys - Horny but responsible guys - Exciting looks

Action - Simplicity - Humour - Friendliness - Cooperation - Smile

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