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by Jimmy P. Creator of the Evening


Hi all !

I am happy to present the evening to you.
An evening dedicated to anal sex - to serial fucking -
to slaughter plans
There are currently no events in Paris
on this theme
I find it a shame because
it’s a very popular trip;
All you have to do is connect to any cruising site or telephone network to find dozens of ads from guys looking for Fuckers or Lopes for plans available. But these plans, which require a minimum of organization - days, sometimes weeks in advance - most of the time end up aborting.
Not for lack of motivation - but simply for lack of organization


aims to solve this problem

The principle is simple

My goal is to create a meeting point where Participants can meet

meet up - communicate in advance that they will be present

Lopes are encouraged to be naked and Fuckers to be stylish

Everyone can participate - as long as they are keen and motivated by the trip

If the focus is on Fuckers and Lopes

Voyeurs and aspiring Participants are more than welcome

There is no felling plan without matting and sharing

Everything is organized so that the trip can take place in perfect conditions

All club facilities - benches - banquettes - stools - slings - sling-boards - beds

are adapted to the theme of the evening

The dress code is the same as usual - Fetish - Shirtless jeans - Naked

But priority is given to naked Lopes and stylish guys

One important thing - it's a Q evening - not a social evening

Which means that we prioritize action over discussion.

For those who don't know me - I've been in the hardcore scene for around ten years

The first time I entered a club was at Keller

I remember this feeling of freedom

At that time there were places where you could have fun while getting straight to the point!

I never came out again and I abandoned all the other places

classic bars - clubs... - which overnight no longer had any interest for me

I like the raw and uninhibited side of the Q environment - there is no hypocrisy

We know why we are here and we do what we are here for

I go out very regularly and many guys have already had the opportunity to know me inside and out.

Many others have seen me in situations that I should be ashamed of

if blushing was part of my vocabulary

I love sex - doing it but also talking about it - I have a very wide range of fetishes

I have never judged anyone and have no intention of ever starting

BUTT FUCKER is a project that is really close to my heart - and also elsewhere ;-)

Hoping to see many of you - my most perverse greetings!

Jimmy P.

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