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The KELLER has been a fetish club since its creation over 45 years ago

Guys who go to the Club therefore expect to find sexy looking guys

You enjoy being surrounded by sexy looking guys -  So thank you for respecting the dresscode

The dresscode is not designed to create unnecessary constraints

but to increase your chances of attracting others and creating an exciting atmosphere

The dresscode does not allow any clothing with a feminine connotation

unless explicitly mentioned for mixed parties

The Club has a monitored cloakroom where you can leave your belongings

your valuables and where you should leave your phone [they are prohibited throughout the Club]

Each game specifies what dress code is accepted during the game [see Diary]

Here is the list of clothing items commonly accepted at the Club

Leather - Rubber - Neoprene - Lycra - Uniform - Skinhead - Uniform - Worker

Underwear: thongs - boxers - briefs - swimsuits - Bermuda shorts are not accepted

Sport: tracksuit not accepted outside SM parties

Jeans: blue or black jeans - worn shirtless or accompanied by a significant leather or rubber element

[chaps - harness - jacket - vest ...]

Naked : nudity accepted but shoes required

Shoes : Large leather shoes [rangers - hiking - worker ...]

black leather or rubber boots - Para boots - Dock Martens

Wader for men - Sneakers …

Hood & Masks : regardless of the party you can wear a hood or a mask



Perfumes - deodorants - cosmetic products are not allowed

The combination of jeans+t-shirt or jeans+tank top is not accepted outside of SM parties

All outerwear such as jacket - jacket - coat - anorak - parka...

must stay in the cloakroom

Registrations can only be of sexual connotation or marks of the fetish community

Political or far-right symbols formally prohibited

All shoes such as flip-flops - slides - sandals - slippers - rope-soled sandal

moccasins - clogs... are not allowed


You have an unlisted outfit to offer us ?

Do you know an item of clothing that could fit into the Club dresscode?

You know a new fetish trend


In these cases send an email to



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