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To ensure a quality game here are some tips and instructions

which we ask you to read before coming to the Club

This could help you better integrate and get into the game

You do not have to accept what we offer you

Conversely you can't force someone to play with you

Your refusal will be all the more accepted if you respect the other - no need to be unpleasant

If you try to join the ongoing action - don't insist if you are refused

Even if the Club must be a friendly place - avoid speaking loudly

and chat at length in the playrooms

You don't make others want to come and play

and you disrupt the game of those who are in place

If you occupy equipment without using it

please give up your place to those who want to play

We ask everyone to keep the premises clean

Each sling/bench has a floor tray

Remember to position it before the start of a Fist

If you have difficulty cleaning ask for help at the bar

Toilets are not play areas - Please report any problems to us

Leave valuables in the locker room

Take regular breaks

The Keller puts at your disposal all the necessary means to play

SSR [Safe Sex] and having good hygiene

Hot water - antiseptic soap - paper - condoms - gloves - gel - disinfectant

In the end the choice of SSR or not remains yours but provided that your partner is consenting

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