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payment at the entrance

Please take some time to read the following.

These are some practical details to have the best evening


Who says big party says a lot of people

It is possible that upon arrival you will be asked to wait a little outside

Don't be fooled [wait until you can take something else]

wait - smoke a cigarette - chat with others...

The entrance to the club is a bit tight - three people fill it - nothing else can be done

than rushing to greet each customer so the next one can come in

A ticket will be given to you on your arrival - keep it carefully -

you will be asked when you leave the club


Whether you arrive early or late there will be traffic at the locker room

Hangers or bags will be offered to you

Choose in advance what you will take, you will be rid of it more quickly

Due to the crowds, the cloakroom attendants will only be able to return your belongings when you leave.

This is why it is important to remember to take with you what you will need

entry ticket - cigarettes - poppers…

and cash if you want to pay for your drinks directly at the bar

Bring something to carry with you to keep at least your entry ticket

packet of cigarettes - empty medicine box - wallet to slip into your socks

The most practical - a wallet bracelet that you can buy anywhere

from fetish shops to sales and even tourist kiosks

Practical advice for those who like wet play

bring a small plastic bag to protect your ticket


Your entry - which you will pay on arrival - will entitle you to a first drink

but all other consumption - as well as products on sale at the club

you will pay them either directly at the bar in cash - or at the outlet in cash or credit card

For those who want to limit their waiting time at the exit

we advise you to pay for your drinks directly at the bar in cash


thank you for your understanding

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